RapidDesign single user license

Usage rights

A single user license allows one person, the licensee, to use RapidDesign in commercial projects, on up to three computers.

License transfer

The licensee is allowed to transfer RapidDesign usage rights from one computer to another, six times per year. Transferring of usage rights is to remove the license key from RapidDesign installed on one computer and entering it into RapidDesign installed on another computer.

Computer identifiaction

For registration purposes, RapidDesign send the computer name and some information about the computer that it is running on (the "machine fingerprint"). The machine fingerprint is a hash of hardware information about the computer. The information sent is not the real data. It is in hashed format and there is no way to decode the real hardware information from it.

Additional license terms

Use of RapidDesign is subject to the terms of EULA