RapidDesign multi-user license

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A multi-user license is ideal for small teams, or users who need to register RapidDesign on more than three computers.

Multi-user license characteristics:

  • multi-user license costs $15 $10 per user,
  • each user share the same license key,
  • each user can register RapidDesign on up to three computers,
  • each user can transfer registration from one computer to another 6 times per year.

If you need a license for more than 5 users, or for a single user consider other licensing options.

RapidDesign Multi-user license

Costs only $15 $10 per user! (USD)
For use by a the number of users specified during purchase
Allows each user to install RapidDesign on up to 3 computers
Allows each user to transfer license from one computer to another 6 times per year
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Number of users:
Name under which register RapidDesign:

After purchase please click the appropriate link to return to our site and recieve your license key.
Your license key will also be sent to your e-mail address.